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The fully automatic Drip Chamber assembly machine consists of one dial. The heavy duty indexing drive system provides quick and efficient movements for the components being assembled. The automatic equipment incorporates inspection and testing into the assembly process. When a component is loaded into a machine a presence check is performed. When a component is not properly seated in the nest or misfed, the following operations are not performed thus minimizing component waste and unnecessary. Drip chamber assembly machine Our offered system gives you comprehensive view about the appropriation of power sources. With this support you can execute a more optimal production and further a real time feedback can be achieved with the central IT system. With this assistance a service of fact data cost analysis or rather other information, which is useful for financing and controlling, can be feased. Microsoft SQL database based collection of datas can be collected from the machine units, that is based on measurements, further it is achieveable for any of the registered employees of the company through a web page. Full industrial measurement-data collection and computer system integration to the office applications, including internet publication or remote data collection, interposition possibilities. From injection moulding to sterilization all integrated into one system.


Available functions by the system

-Collection of measured datas
-Evaluation of cycle times, good/waste product
statistic, tracking of produced items, etc.


- Implementing in a short timeframe, a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite validated for pharmaceutical manufacturing in accordance with industry regulations
- Install a recognized ERP system that gives confidence to clients and adds value in recruiting new clients.
- Reduce cost and risk connected to the old technology and integration platform.


- Work with SYSteam Applications AB to introduce Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to create an  ERP infrastructure that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) within the pharmaceutical industry.
- Implement a new technology platform with Oracle Database, complementary integration software, and new hardware.
- Enable to improve internal control and reduced cost of maintenance.
- Reduce time for implementation by using the packeged installation with existing processes and business scenarios.

Life Science Capatibilites added to JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 1,040 enhancements + 18 new applications in 3 years

-Mixed Mode Manufacturing
  • Discrete
  • Repetitive
  • Process
  • ETO
  • Project costing
-Demand Flow and Lean
  • DFM (Line Design, Lean Exec)
-Integration to B.O.B. MES
  Partner for eDHR
  • Reduce Procurement Spend
  • Buyer/Supplier Portals
  • Requisition Self Service
  • Operational Sourcing
  • Approved Supplier Lists
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
-21CFR Part11 Compliance
  • Complete GMP mapping to THINQ
    Compliance’s THINQ
  • Compliance Manager for lowest cost
    of taking upgrades
-Full Lot Genealogy
  • Multi-Branch single inquiry
  • Supplier and Memo Lot inquiry
  • Where-used inquiry
  • Conditional Lot Status codes
-Multiple Lot Dates
-Lot Date Effectivity
-Ship Lots in Ascending Order
-Lot Expiration Date Mass Update
-Lot Percentage of Life Tracking
-Lot Expiration based on shortest ingredient life
-Lower costs with the Logistics Suite
  • Warehouse
  • Cross Docking
  • Transportation Management
  • Transportation Sequencing
  • Returns and RMA’s
-Improved surgical kit control through
License Plating and inbound/outbound RFID
-More effective business planning through
real-time Sales & Operations Planning
  • Demantra
  • Multi-site Constraint Planning
  • TOC Scheduling

And more Life Science Capatibilites for JDEdwards EnterpriseOne


-Gain real-time visibility through Embedded Analytics and Dashboards

  • Operational Analytic Dashboards with Pre-Built KPI’s, ready to use
  • Oracle BI over diverse data sources
  • Integrated Crystal Reports for ad hoc reporting
-Sarbanes (SOX) Compliance
  • Government Regulatory and Compliance
-Better regulatory compliance through eLearning
  • Resource Competencies
  • Improve effectiveness of human capital through eRecruiting


-CRM Applications

  • Fully integrated SFA and Case Management –
    Service Orders and Warranty
  • More efficient Order Capture
  • Siebel CRM integration
-Redesigned Order Capture
  • Faster, memory-resident Advanced Pricing
-Total Contract Control and Compliance
  • Integration to B.O.B. Revenue Management Partners
  • Real-time "best" pricing engine
  • Medicaid rebate compliance

Regulatory Compliance 21 CFR Part 11Clinical

Complete Audit



Electronic Signature


Date, time & user stamp
of all transactions – any field
  Dual signatures on any field

-Turn on for any program, any file

  -At any time – before or after go-live

-Use for interactive, batch, and interface programs

  -Also works on custom programs

Why Do Life Science Companies choose JDEdwards EnterpriseOne?

-For the Options to lower your cost of ownership

  • Processes that you can configure to meet your needs
  • Incremental implementations at your speed
-Future Flexibility to lower your cost of ownership
  • Beware of fixed templates that lock in the future
  • Avoiding a penalty for business rule changes
-Collaborative, Real-time Applications
  • Across the Enterprise, across countries
  • With suppliers, customers, and research partners