Services - IN Mould Labelling


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Syringe silk screen printing equipment The mould is specially designed for in-mould labelling production with hot-runner and highly efficient cooling design. The mould is extremely rigid and the production is stable. By integrating an auto-stack system and static cleaning system, the production is clean, easy and fast.

Description of the method

The equipment is capable for assembling 30 ml and 50 ml syringes. The silicone layer is applied smoothly, in minimal thickness on the inner surface of the barrel. The products go through continuous control. The waste The pre-printed material together with the injection material is put into the mould cavities at the same time during the injection or blow moulding .The label paper is made on special PP mould .The labelling is fixed and oriented by static or vacuum way.

Static absorbability: A robot takes the label to the front cavities and gives a static electricity. Vaccum absorbability: A robot takes the label to vacuum points of the cavities, the static electricity is produced, then the mould closes and the injection moulding is done.

High rigidity of the mould clamping structure