Our Corporate Philosophy

FAM Zrt designs and manufactures machines, components and accessories for automated production, assembling and packaging processes for medical, pharmaceutical and other applications. State of the art solutions for in-mould and in-blow mould labelling. Comprehensive PLC programming and data gathering to Oracle databases! 3D prototyping.

Our company offers its customized solutions and services in packaging automation, product assembling automation, sterilisation technology and process automatization including process control and visualisation, as well.

Our philosophy is built on the principle of completeness. The portfolio which we offer contains complete solutions. During the realisation of the product range, our aim was to perform the hand taking over procedure in a way which allows our customers to focus solely on the sales of the products produced by the manufacturing lines. We simply sell profit productive centers and the goods and payback time made by these centers equally satisfy the private sector, the government owned economical units (governmental enterprises) and the investors, financors. Due to the complex service package, the possibility is open for the profession committed, but not proffesion originated investors, new entrants in the field of single use medical device manufacturing.

Due to the automation, we are a partner for cost-cutting tecnology and process control.

Perfect Service

The philosophy of our company comprises the continuous follow-up of the designed and produced production units which includes a perfect service activity to our partners. Apart from this, we undertake to equip our planned and produced pieces of equipment with new functions or even we can convert the existing functions upon request of the orderer.

Our company is a partner in every solution which may help to increase our buyer's market presence.

The test under sterile plant conditions is an important step of the designed machine's handover procedure, when the machine is finally handed over in its final place and plant conditions. The machine must meet the requirements under long lasting, industrial conditions.